Extension Attachment


Convenient extension attachment for the Montana Post Driver

Extend your reach with the extension attachment. It is constructed of a solid steel H-beam. Ideal for deer, buffalo, cattle and similar type fence. Available in 2' or 4' extension lengths. Fits models 400E, 750R, 1000E, and 1500E.

  • Heavy H-beam 3/4″ steel Construction
  • Multiple positioning holes
  • 2′ extension 3″ x 18-1/2″ x 37″
    • Attachment Weight: 175 lbs.
    • MSRP: $500
  • 4′ Extension 3″ x 18-1/2″ x 60″
    • Window 6″ x20″
    • Attachment Weight: 269 lbs.
    • MSRP: $900

We love your post pounder, best thing we bought, we have hard ground so we dig a pilot hole, we have had the competition but nothing comes close to this one, glad we ran into you at Dakota Fest, thanks

Anno Boomsma


Wessington, SD