1000E Post Driver

Drive Posts with a 1,150 ft-lb. Hammer!

Montana’s mid-sized hydraulic post driver is the 1000E model with a working pressure of 2200 PSI delivering 400-800 blows per minute. It weighs 2000 lbs., requiring a lifting-capacity of 2500 pounds or more. The skid steer mount includes a convenient rack for transporting posts. To drill pilot holes in hard or stony ground, add the optional auger attachment. We always keep parts in stock at Montana Post Driver in addition to offering a one year warranty!

  • Energy Class: 1150 ft-lb.
  • Weight of Post Driver with skid steer mount: 2000 lbs.
  • Min. Skid Steer Lifting Capacity: 2500 lbs.
  • Weight of Post Driver with excavator mount: 900 lbs.
  • Required Excavator Size: 12,000-18,000 lbs.
  • Oil Flow (GMP): 13-24 gpm
  • Working Pressure: 2200 PSI
  • Chisel Shaft Diameter: 3”
  • Blow Rate (Blows per min.): 400-800
  • Domed Cup Diameter: 8” ID
  • Thickness of Steel Plate Frame: ¾”
  • Comes with: tool box, nitrogen charge kit and filled nitrogen bottle
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Price: $8,300 USD – Includes skid steer or excavator mount. 
  • Price includes these extra tools: flat post driving tool, concrete point, rock spike

Post Driver



We love your post pounder, best thing we bought, we have hard ground so we dig a pilot hole. We have had the competition but nothing comes close to this one, glad we ran into you at Dakota Fest, thanks.

Anno Boomsma


Wessington, SD​

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