The Montana Post Driver is a serious productivity tool built on hydraulic concrete breaker technology, enabling you to install fence posts even in hard and rocky ground. We have seen experienced crews run at rates up to 2 posts per minute in favorable conditions. Attaching one of these post drivers to a skid loader can be done in less than a minute. Choosing a Montana Post Driver will give you ease-of-use, longevity, and optimum efficiency.
Models Available:400E Post Driver750R Rancher Post Driver1000E Post Driver1500E Post Driver
Ft-Lb. energy class:40075011501500
Weight of Post Driver with skid steer mount:780 lbs.1350 lbs.2000 lbs.2300 lbs.
Min. Skid Steer Lifting Capacity:1200 lbs.1500 lbs.2500 lbs.3000 lbs.
Weight of Post Driver with excavator mount:500 lbs.800 lbs.900 lbs.1200 lbs.
Required Excavator Size:4,000-8,000 lbs.8,000-14,000 lbs.12,000-18,000 lbs.14,000-28,000 lbs.
Oil Flow (GPM):7-1311-1813-2416-27
Working Pressure:1300-1800 PSI2000 PSI2200 PSI2300 PSI
Blow Rate (Blows per min.):600-1100500-900400-800400-800
Chisel Shaft Diameter:2.12″2.7″3″3.35″
Domed Cup Inside Diameter (ID):6″ ID7″ ID8″ ID9″ ID
Thickness of Steel Plate Frame:1/2″3/4″3/4″3/4″
Warranty:1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty
Price (including skid steer or excavator mount)$5800 USD$6200 USD$8300 USD$10,500 USD


  • Domed-cup driving head: Keeps the post centered and reduces post breakage (A flat-topped cup is also available.)
  • Triple purpose chain: Acts as a plumb bob, an adjustable depth gauge, and a post puller.
  • Post rack: Work quickly using the convenient post rack built into the frame of the post driver on the skid steer units.
  • Low profile: Doesn’t tip over when detached like most other post drivers.
  • Low maintenance: Only one grease fitting and two moving parts give you hours of hassle-free operation.
  • Four size options can be matched to your skid steer or excavator to give you maximum efficiency.
  • All models include an excavator or skid steer mount.
  • We stock all parts for these breakers and offer a one year warranty!

Post Driver

Also, our original A-Series is still available.


After over 30 years of fencing and building my own equipment, from all types of wire machines and driver, doing 100’s of miles for various government and private entities, I find that the Montana Post Driver is one of the most productive machines I have purchased. I can very much see that matching the size of the driver with the type of work being done can be very useful and profitable. I would recommend any large fence companies to own various units to meet all their fencing needs.

Dave Washburn


Cedar City, UT