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Built By A Fencer For A FencerTestimonials

Dave Washburn

After over 30 years of fencing and building my own equipment, from all types of wire machines and driver, doing 100’s of miles for various government and private entities; I find that your driver is one of the most productive factory built machines I have purchased. I can very much see that matching the size of the driver with the type of work being done can be very useful and profitable. I would recommend any large fence companies to own various multiple units to meet all their fencing needs.

Cedar City, UT

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Joe Klempel

As of today I have not used my post driver but have used the rock splitter extensively. It saved a tremendous amount of time and effort in building our rock house. It was a life saver and met alll we had anticipated. So I will rate it a 10. Glad we purchased it and will use it for many more projects. I purchased the 1500 A and proud to say it was made in America.

Kalispell, MT

Anno Boomsma

We love your post pounder, best thing we bought, we have hard ground so we dig a pilot hole, we have had the competition but nothing comes close to this one, glad we ran into you at Dakota Fest, thanks

Wessington, SD

Gerald Weaver- Cross Country Fencing

They are the best pounder you can get. I have a 1500 E and a 1000 A. They require very little upkeep and the are easy to hook up and un-hook. You can't go wrong with these pounders. Floyd is a great guy to work with and he will help you with any problems and he stands behind his product and he is an honest working guy.

Iam a fencer and have used his pounders for 3 years . We have put many hours on these pounders and have had no complaints.

We recommend these pounders to anyone.

Sun River, MT

Russel Magandy

I wish it had a post holder so it could be a one man operation. Also a bigger head for railroad ties. Everything else is excelent!!

Minot, ND