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Auger Attachment

Making fencing easier than ever before, with our all new auger attachment

designed to fit all Montana Post Driver models!

This remarkable attachment makes it easier than ever to drill a pilot hole before driving a post in to hard or rocky soil. Its powerful hydraulic motor not only makes the job easier than ever before, it reduces time spent and saves you money. Additionally, the installation process requires minimal modification and is simple to install.

The simple selector valve allows you to choose from post driver operation to auger operation. It does not require any electrical hookups to your skid steer and only one set of hoses is required to run the driver or the auger.

Easy to install and use, it is designed to fit all Montana Post Driver models.

Comes standard with a 4" auger, 2" hex drive and a 4 1/2" all-purpose auger head with carbide teeth.

We also offer other styles of heads for solid rock or clay soil.

Auger Attachment

Auger Attachment


Complete auger attachment : $3,000

**When ordered with post driver, auger attachment comes pre-installed**