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Revolutionary Post Driver

Complete your fence jobs more quickly and safely with the original Montana Post Driver. Our company produces this rugged, easy-to-operate post driver, which universally attaches to most skid loaders or excavators.

Superior Design

Through our hydraulic concrete breaker-based design, posts are driven by jackhammering them into the ground. You maintain full control of the post while driving at a rate of 800 blows per minute. The domed cup design enables you to push and pull the post straight, and the attached chain serves as a plumb bob and depth gauge. Because all moving parts remain above the post, our design also allows the user to reach over an existing fence to drive posts on the other side.

Safety First

Through our design, a single operator is able to drive straight and true fence posts without the assistance of a spotter. This increases job safety by keeping your operator in the seat of the loader and eliminating the need for someone to stand by the post. Our design is not top-heavy like conventional products on the market. Our low center of gravity reduces the chances of tip-over and allows for easy storage when detached.

Versatile & Durable

This product is currently available in four sizes. Our driver accommodates wood, pipe, and T-posts, making it the most versatile equipment on the market. The frame and back plate are constructed from heavy steel plate for durability.

Easy to Maintain

A truly low-maintenance product, our driver allows for fast and simple disconnection and reconnection. The hydraulic hammer we use has only two moving parts and a single grease fitting for easy lubrication.


Our A series post driver models use a hydraulic breaker sourced from Arrowhead Rockdrill, a company based in Barstow, California, which distributes throughout America and worldwide. Their equipment is proven and reliable.


Models Available 500A            750A                  1000A                         1500A           .
Ft. lbs. energy class                    500     750                    1000 1500
Operating Weight                       700 lbs         1250 lbs           

2000 lbs

2300 lbs.
Oil Flow (gpm)   8-16               12-21                14-26 18-29
Working Pressure    1650               1700                1800 1900
Blow Rate (blows per min.)      550-1250        650-1400      


Chisel Shaft Diameter                2.60" 2.75" 3" 3.4"
Domed Cup Diameter   7''  8'' 8" 10"
Steel plate frame thickness        5/8"  3/4" 3/4 3/4
PRICE $11,000. $13,000. $15,000. $18,500.

Our excavator mounted drivers sell for approx $1500 less than the skid steer mounted drivers.

Contact us for pricing and availability of our unparalleled post driver.