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Post Driver

Easily establish a new fence line with the help of our post driver. Montana Post Driver delivers a more efficient way to drive fence posts.

Wire Winder & Post Puller

Save time when you need to pull up an old fence. Quickly remove and manage existing fencing with our combination wire winder and post puller.


Who We Are

Make short work of fence installation or removal with the help of Montana Post Driver, a fencing tools manufacturer based in Gold Creek, Montana. Our products are a new concept in post driving, designed to assist fencing contractors, farmers, and ranchers.

About Us

For fencing tools designed with the fence contractor in mind, turn to Montana Post Driver. We understand time is money, and are committed to making your work easier and more profitable

Inspired by Efficiency

For more than eight years, we have continually revised and improved our design, which was born from our own experience as fencing contractors. We sought a faster, more user-friendly post driver and none existed, so we decided to build our own. As our design evolved and we made larger versions, more and more people requested their own. As a result, we moved from building fences to building our unparalleled post drivers.

A-Series vs. E-Series

When Montana Post Driver began in 2009, our first series was the A-Series which uses an American made breaker. After numerous requests for a lower cost post driver, we now also offer the E-Series post driver which uses an imported breaker. These have performed very well since we started to offer them in 2014.



Learn More about Montana Post Driver

All models of post drivers are available with skid steer or excavator mounts.

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